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I should probably be doing something else

but oh well...

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Name: Ashley
Age: 23
Lives: Liverpool
Born: Scotland, grew up in Wales, currently residing in England.
Likes: Live music, acoustic guitar, getting a book that someone's already highlighted, the little bits of crisps left at the end of the bag, flavoured water, dancing till my legs hurt, smiling, blue skies in the morning, pink skies at night, busy city streets, places that are green, learning, living, laughing, rockabilly, my girlfriend, the smell of book shops, coffee, cooking, reading, fashion magazines, hair cuts, sleeping in, coco chanel, watching tv in bed, hugs, kisses, monkeys, the zoo, dreaming, writing, flowers, taking photographs and looking at other peoples, art galleries, getting lost somewhere new,the 1950's, traveling the world, museums, adventures on planes, when the bed covers and pillows are cold, New York, Paris, London, carrying a lot of crap around in my bag everyday, writing in purple pen.

Dislikes: Spiders, bugs, writing in black pen, losing my page in a book I'm reading, really loud stupid people, being too hot, sand and grass (it makes me itch), not having enough charge on my phone or ipod, pretty shoes not fitting my mutant big feet, not bing able to close my bag, losing my keys just as I'm about to go out for the day.

Not all that interesting.

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